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Event Design


We are a highly creative event agency that prides itself on coming up with unique, memorable event ideas.


We design all aspects of your event from the invitations, to the decorations, performances, table settings, lighting, scripts for the hosts, banners and event videos.

We will design an experience plan which begins from the moment the guests arrive, to the big finale. 

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We create a theme and storyline for your event, so your guests know 'why' they are attending


We share our creative ideas with you and agree on a theme

Develop a storyline and 'red-thread' through the event

Record, edit, review and produce event videos to help tell the story

Produce themed entertainment tailored to your theme

Develop a script for your hosts and speakers driven by the theme


Integrate sponsors key messages into the story and feature their products and services

Create and produce props and staging

Prepare lighting design and run technical rehearsals

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