Our name is a hybrid of a Danish and English word. Idea translated into Danish is Idé. We are two people that started the business; one from Denmark, Tore, and the other from Australia, Wade. We live in Copenhagen and speak both Danish and Australian.

"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come"


Victor Hugo.


Since 2015, we have built a reputation for delivering innovative events with our business, Totem Entertainment.


In 2020 the event industry changed, and we adapted. We established a full-service online event agency, to run interactive digital events. We changed our name to reflect our increase in focus, and connect us to the Nordic Region.


At Idéa Nordic we are committed to activating your audience, at both live and online events.


Wade Peters-Munch

Ask me about the tech and how to use it to increase audience participation, so that your audience stays online and keeps focused.

My background is in Change Management, which focuses on the 'people side' of technology implementations.

Prior to starting Idéa, I worked for 15 years on Europe's largest digital transformation programs, implementing new technology.


My role was to design strategies and assist people with using new technology, through online workshops, online training, communication and support.

I have also driven projects in our entertainment business, since it began in 2015. I provide the structure, so that our team can apply their creativity to your events.

I have called Denmark home since moving here in 2011. I was born in Australia, have lived in London, and travelled extensively in Asia, Europe and the US, delivering technology implementations. 

Three words to describe me: Structured, Calm and Creative

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Tore Peters-Munch

Ask me about creating a storyline for your event, and delivering key messages, so that your audience will have a memorable experience.

I have been producing the performances and creating storylines for our events since 2015. I also create experience plans for conferences, product launches and exhibitions.


I started my career as a performance gymnast, representing Denmark on an international level. Early in my career, I performed in various shows, and enjoyed success in TV and on the stage.


I oversee and create the themes, red-thread, costumes and visuals for our events, and manage the artists. I produce event entertainment and create memorable experiences for Denmark's biggest and most innovative companies.

I was born in Silkeborg in Denmark, and have lived in the UK, the US and Australia. I now live in Vesterbro, Copenhagen.

Three words to describe me: Creative, Energetic, Determined

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Our team at Idéa have a diverse range of experience. We are a group of project managers, creatives, videographers, software geeks, producers, choreographers, costume makers, networkerspedagogical thinkers, performers and tech heads.

We have worked in television, events, conferences, technology companies, multimedia agencies, classrooms and the theatre. We think differently and bring a variety of experiences to online events.

When it comes to online events, we apply our approach of structured digital creativity. It might sound like a buzz word, but it explains what we do. We provide the structure to run interactive digital events, by utilising our creativity and project management skills.

We apply a similar approach to our live events: structured live creativity. We create a structured experience plan to run innovative live events, by producing creative performances and live acts.