Idea Nordic Full Service Event Agency

"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come"


Victor Hugo.

Idéa Nordic is a full-service creative bureau delivering event and dmc services. Since 2015, we have built a reputation for delivering creative memorable experiences.


In 2020 the event industry changed, and we adapted. We focused on running interactive Online and Hybrid events. We combine our digital transformation knowledge, with our storytelling experience, to engage people through the screen. 

At Idéa Nordic we are committed to running your event and activating your audience. Live, Hybrid and Online.

Our name is a hybrid of a Danish and English word. Idea translated into Danish is Idé. We are two people that started the business; one from Denmark, Tore, and the other from Australia, Wade. We live in Copenhagen and speak both Danish and Australian. Our team speaks German, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian and English.

We look forward to welcoming you to our head office in Vesterbro, Copenhagen. In 2022 we expanded our services to the Faroe Islands, Norway and Sweden. We love the Nordics!

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Our team at Idéa Nordic have a diverse range of experience. We are a group of project managers, creatives, videographers, software geeks, producers, choreographers, costume makers, networkerspedagogical thinkers, performers, moderators and tech heads.

We have worked in television, events, conferences, technology companies, multimedia agencies, classrooms and the theatre. We think differently and bring a variety of experiences to Live, Hybrid and Online events.

We are a small team of full-time staff. In 2022, we have employed over 300 performers and contractors, and worked with an endless number of event professionals and suppliers.



Wade Peters-Munch

Wade Peters-Munch

Managing Partner

Ask me about a developing a blended event strategy, creating a detailed event plan, reducing risks and keeping to budget.

Three words to describe me:

Structured, Calm & Creative

+45 5387 8910


Pedro Navarro

Head of International MICE

Ask me about incentive programmes, creating memorable experiences and the trendiest spots in Denmark. 

Three words to describe me: 

Innovative, Dedicated & Connected

+45 3178 9343


Tore Peters-Munch

Creative Director

Ask me about creating a storyline for your event, delivering key messages, and connecting with your audience.

Three words to describe me: 

Creative, Energetic & Determined

+45 5388 8910

Andreas Bjerring

Andreas Bjerring

Entertainment Project Manager 

Ask me about delivering an entertainment program for your event. Dancers, Bands, DJs, Acrobats, Singers - let's brainstorm a theme and wow your audience. 

Three words to describe me: 

Creative, Entertaining & Structured

+45 4122 1104

Nana Søeberg

Nana Søeberg

Event Project Manager 

Ask me about designing an event and taking it from idéa to reality, and implementing structure into the event plan. 


Three words to describe me: 

Structured, Dedicated & Enthusiastic

+45 5239 1916

Alexandra Frölich

Alexandra Frölich

Event Coordinator

Ask me about logistics management, event coordination and implementing structure into the event plan. Every detail counts! 

Three words to describe me: 

Passionate, Structured & Service Minded

+45 3116 8224


Louise Jul

Maternity Leave

Ask me about creating an event timeline, sourcing suppliers, catering and entertainment. I will always find the right solution for your event. ​

Three words to describe me: 

Organised, Creative & Passionate

Nikki Buse

Nikke Buse

U.K. Sales Office

Connect with me if you are a U.K. business wanting to arrange an incentive program, event or conference in Denmark. We're the U.K. Representation company that care!

Three words to describe me:

Experienced, Knowledgeable & Supportive

+44 (0)1425 461311



Head of Security

Three words to describe me: 

Fierce, Territorial & Loyal

Cherryl Brazier

Cherryl Brazier

U.S. Sales Office

Contact me if you are a North American company wanting to run a conference or event in Denmark, or you want to reward your employees with an incentive program.

Three words to describe me:

Professional, Personalised & Connected

+1 310 972 0920