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Our goal is to produce impactful events that activate your audience. We can only do this if we understand a broad range of audiences, through personal experience. Our team needs to reflect society. This is why we are committed to working with people from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences.

Sometimes our diversity is obvious when it is shown in-front of the camera, while other times is it obvious in our office and behind the scenes.

Idéa Nordic diversity and inclusion

To ensure that diversity and inclusion continues to be a focus in our workplace, we concentrate on 4 key areas:

Idéa Nordic


Be the best version of yourself. Be proud. Keep an open mind and learn from others. We support the LGBTQI+ community. Join us at the Pride Parade, or sit down with your grandma and tell her why you are happy being you. Idéa is a safe space for all genders and sexual orientations.

Idéa Nordic


We are lucky to be based in Copenhagen Denmark, with progressive laws regarding family support. Families come in all shapes and sizes. We adapt our workplace to welcome families, whether they are traditional, hybrid, newly formed, or on the way! 

Idéa Nordic


We challenge ideas about 'women's roles' in the workplace. We support women in whichever career path they choose! We are an equal opportunity employer.  

Idéa Nordic

Cultural Diversity

Our team needs to reflect society. This is why we are committed to working with people from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. 


Sustainability is important to us. We want to leave the planet in a better state, than how we found it.


Will you join us on our sustainable journey?

During the C40 Climate Summit in Copenhagen, we collaborated with Michael Bloomberg, the United Nations Special Envoy for Climate Action, and the creative team at Bloomberg Philanthropies, to produce the 2019 Climate Awards. The Ceremony recognises various climate initiatives, that are being introduced by global leaders in their cities, to prevent the increase in global temperatures of 1.5 °C.

Through our collaboration, we were able to learn more about sustainable practices, such as the use of alternative energy sources, reusable plastic, recycling, and tree-planting projects to reduce the amount of CO2.

Idéa Nordic


Have you implemented sustainable practices in your work place, that you would like to share with us?

We are always looking for new inspiration. We have made a start by introducing the following:

Replaced our plastic bags with cotton and hemp materials. We use many large bags when transporting equipment between events. We are reducing our environmental impact with naturally grown alternatives.

Environmentally friendly transport. Like a real Copenhagener, we ride our bikes. We do not own a car. We transport our event materials using 'Cargo Bikes'. For larger events, and events outside of Copenhagen, we use a van-sharing service to transport larger items, equipment and our LED Light technology.


Up-Cycle Materials. We cooperate with our event partners to reduce waste at an event. We up-cycle decorations, theming and staging from previous events, into new creations.


Rechargeable, low energy consuming LED Lights. We have integrated LED Light technology into many of our stages, props and costumes. Our digital dancing robots are rechargeable!


Meat-Free alternatives.  Our BBQs are a little different these days! We support sustainable farming practices and provide meat alternatives in our meals for our team during rehearsal days. Our leadership team is running on plant-based alternatives!

We are still learning and looking for new ways to run sustainable events. Our goal is to become a leader in Europe in producing sustainable events. Contact Us to share your ideas and join us on our journey.

Sustainability starts with a mindset change!

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