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Idea Nordic Team

Take advantage of our detailed local knowledge of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the Faroe Islands.

Utilise our large local network of trusted suppliers including hotels, unique venues and local experiences

Our tailor-made programs are not only immersive experiences but also incredible memories. We have built a reputation for injecting creativity into everything we do.

We are the only DMC in the Nordics that can provide a full-service package to our customers. Everything from A to Z.
We offer you a single point of contact for all bookings, venues, hotels, entertainment, event design, logistics, event management and social activities.



Add 2-3 days in the Faroe Islands and experience the amazing landscapes with hiking, mountain bike riding, surfing, abseiling, and many other adventure tours.

Then relax in a spa, enjoy fine dining and watch the Northern Lights light up the sky.


Discover the beautiful nature in Norway as well as the bustling cities of Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, and other smaller coastal towns. The country for all seasons! 

Enjoy the snow, lakes, mountains.... canoe, hike, ski, drive, then dine in one of Norway's fine dining restaurants with a view.


Experience the buzzing metropolis of  Sweden's capital Stockholm, or the sustainable capital of the world, Gothenburg. Tour the Archipelago Islands, experience fine dining, pop into the many breathtaking museums such as VASA, The Viking Museum or ABBA! 

Sweden has a broad range of city and nature experiences, with a heavy focus on luxury. Visit during the long summer days when the sun doesn't set, or experience the snow season. We will develop a program that immerses you into the vibrant Swedish culture.

idéa nordic eventbureau københavn
Northern Lights Finland


Explore Finland in the winter to experience the sauna culture, while sipping a drink and viewing the northern lights, before you plunge into the refreshing icy waters in the harbour. 

Finland is a natural paradise, with 75% of the country covered in forest, and is also home to the world's largest archipelago. Finnish people are amongst the friendliest and happiest people in the world, and love to welcome guests for a cozy dinner.

Experience a country full of natural hidden gems!


idéa nordic eventbureau københavn

Contact Pedro Montoya Navarro, our Head of International MICE to learn more about our programs.

We invite you to ‘hygge’ with us and find out why Danish people are voted the happiest people on Earth.

telephone: +45 3178 9343

Learn more about Pedro on Our Team page

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